Shaq Eats World's Spiciest Chip On-Air, Runs From Set In Agony

We already know that Paqui's "One Chip Challenge" is no joke. The chip company has devised a tortilla chip that's made with ghost peppers and the Carolina Reaper, which until recently was the world's hottest chile pepper, and it's so spicy that it comes in its own single-chip pouch with a deadly-serious warning label. But that hasn't stopped plenty of people from trying it; we sampled some of the chips ourselves, a newscaster promptly vomited on-air after trying it, and none other than NBA great Shaquille O'Neal tried it on last week's episode of Facebook's Outside the NBA. As expected, it didn't go so well.

After betting co-host Charles Barkley that he could eat the chip without "making a face," he stoically ate half the chip and appeared to be handling it well for a few seconds (even remarking "This is nothing to me") before coughing. He appeared to be struggling mightily before announcing that "Oh, it's hot" and asking for some milk as his Inside the NBA co-hosts look on and laugh hysterically.

This kind of heat continues to build over time, however, and Shaq quickly realizes that he's in over his head. He gets up from the desk, takes his jacket off, and promptly leaves the set, admitting defeat and telling Barkley that he's lost the bet.

On the following Inside the NBA broadcast, the team had a laugh about it, and Shaq admitted that "it got worse," before challenging Barkley to try the chip, saying that if he did he'd donate $50,000 to his favorite charity. "Not gonna happen," Barkley responded.

"It's hot for about 15 minutes straight," Shaq added.

If you think you can handle one of these chips, then maybe you can also handle one of the world's hottest hot sauces!