Secret Service Steps in After Hundreds of Burger King Customers Report Credit Card Fraud

More than 1,000 customers who used their credit cards at Burger King have had their bank accounts compromised
Secret Service Steps in After Hundreds of Burger King Customers Report Credit Card Fraud

Photo Modified: Flickr/Bart Everson/CC 2.0

Although professionals were hired in October to scrub the virus from the restaurant’s software, authorities described the problems as ongoing.

The United States Secret Service has reportedly stepped in after hundreds of residents in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, reported money missing from their bank accounts. The missing funds have been linked to a local Burger King location on North 124th Street, where each of the victims used their credit cards earlier in the fall.

An ongoing investigation points to a computer virus implanted on this particular restaurant’s computer software, which was likely been used to leak financial information. Although authorities subsequently hired professionals to scrub the system in October, shortly after customers first began calling to complain of missing funds, the virus has yet to be stopped.

So far, a total 1,061 bank accounts have been accessed by the virus, and the total losses have reached $163,491, according to Fox6 News. In response to Burger King’s compromised software security, some banks have put a hold on the use of their patron’s credit cards at the location in question.

One local resident, Joe Harvey, recently had his card declined after trying to buy a Whopper. “I called my bank and they told me due to [Burger King] being under investigation, they’re not allowing their customers to shop at this location,” Harvey told Fox6.


Authorities have yet to locate the perpetrator of the virus, but the criminal is believed to be based overseas, and has already used several accounts to make international purchases.