Satisfy your sweet tooth — and then some — with Sprinkles' Halloween candy-inspired cupcakes

Aine Dougherty

If you miss the childlike wonder of trick-or-treating and filling your pillowcase with sweets to be sorted and devoured later that night, you’re not alone.

Sprinkles Cupcakes (50 E. Walton St.) is here with a sugary solution to your Halloween woes. The bakery is rolling out candy-inspired cupcakes, including Reese’s (available until Oct. 14), Nerds (available Oct. 21-25) and Twix (available Oct. 22-25).

The Reese’s cupcake features chocolate cake and a peanut butter frosting and filling, topped with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cups. As for the Nerds cupcake, that’s a lemon cake and lemon frosting sprinkled with Nerds. And finally, in the Twix cupcake you’ll taste chocolate cake filled with caramel and Twix, plus more candy bar chunks and dark chocolate frosting on top.

Sprinkles says it'll take a poll to figure out the favorite, which will then return to shelves on Wednesday, Oct. 31, so you can celebrate the spookiest day of the year with a tooth-achingly sweet creation.

Head to the Sprinkles shop and cupcake ATM off Michigan Ave. to grab one for yourself, or order a box online at their website.

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