Sandwich of the Week: Split Bread’s Pork Belly Cuban

Spit-roasted pork belly kicks this San Francisco sandwich up several notches

Rotisserie pork belly is the star of the show. 

We’re seen numerous plays on the Cuban sandwich by this point, as knowledge of this traditional sandwich has reached critical mass. Whereas it was once primarily the domain of Latin restaurants, now it seems like every chef is making one. But we’re not complaining: this is a very good thing, and this week’s Sandwich of the Week, from San Francisco’s Split Bread, is a prime example.

Split Bread was founded by chef Andrew Swallow, and its concept is simple: using house-roasted rotisserie meats, locally sourced ingredients, and house-made sauces and spreads as the foundations of a great sandwich.

Case in point: The aforementioned Cuban. It starts (brilliantly) with Duroc ("the Kobe of pork") pork belly that’s seasoned and spit-roasted until golden brown, crispy-skinned, and nicely rendered. The belly is thick-sliced and placed onto the bottom half of a toasted rustic ciabatta from Acme Bread Co., then topped with smoked Duroc ham, a melty mix of mozzarella and aged Gruyere, house-pickled fennel, and a smear of house-made mustard kicked up with roasted jalapenos. It’s certainly a winner.


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