Sandwich of the Week: Moojo's Belgium Waffle Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Austin’s Moojo proves that ice cream sandwiches aren’t only for the summertime

Moojo's Belgium waffle ice cream sandwich with Dutchman’s chocolate ice cream.

Husband and wife Matt and Ashley Peterson moved from Northern California to Austin in March 2014, and a swift 15 months later opened Moojo: an ice cream sandwich shop with a focus on fresh and sustainable ingredients. Customers are invited to build their own delicious custom ice cream sandwich with any of the 12 types of cookies, waffles, and brownies; 16 flavors of ice cream; and a wide range of toppings. Additionally, Moojo offers vegan and gluten-free options — ensuring that everyone can experience the pure joy that comes from the moment when ice cream melts into a warm cookie, waffle, or brownie.

One of the standout sandwich combinations on Moojo’s menu is the Belgium waffle ice cream sandwich with Dutchman’s chocolate ice cream. The rich chocolate ice cream, served between two warm, buttery waffles, is a delectable treat that melts in your mouth.

Matt Peterson told us that he and his wife, “wanted to push the boundaries of a typical cookie ice cream sandwich, so we started testing Belgium waffles made from yeast with Pearl Sugar. This Belgium-style dough holds form well, which is perfect for ice cream sandwiches!” We couldn’t agree more, which is why it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week.


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