Sandwich of the Week: Ibis’ Tilapia Lavash Wrap

This Mediterranean restaurant in New York City serves a great take on the fish taco

The wrap is chef Ferhat Aydin's play on a fish taco.

In New York, chef Ferhat Aydin has created a masterpiece at his Ibis Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge with a play on the fish taco that’s simply listed on the menu as a “tilapia lavash wrap.” But it’s a lot more complex than it sounds, and it’s delicious.

The wrap starts with lavash, a flatbread that’s made from scratch, quickly baked in the oven at 500 degrees, and finished on the grill to order. Fresh tilapia is seasoned with salt and pepper before being both grilled and pan-seared, and it’s placed into the lavash with a squeeze of lemon juice, fresh-sliced avocado, red onion, tomato, arugula, and homemade dill pesto that’s made by combining dill, parsley, cloves, salt, and lemon juice with olive oil. The lavash is then wrapped up and served.

“I wanted a fresh and light summer dish for our lunch menu,” chef Ferhat told us about his inspiration for the dish. “Tilapia is a perfect white fish for this — thin, easy to wrap, and easy to eat. I chose avocado and dill pesto because they pair nicely with the tilapia. People love this dish because you can leave lunch refreshed and satisfied, without feeling overly full. It’s the perfect midday meal.”


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