Rick Bayless Educates Crowds At Cooking Demonstration As Part Of Macy's Culinary Council

"It is one of the most satisfying things in the world," declared Chef Rick Bayless to his audience. "To cook something that brings people together – it's where society gets its roots." The Top Chef Masters winner encouraged a genuine love for cooking at a live demonstration at Macy's Woodlands store in Houston on March 19. As part of the Macy's Culinary Council, Bayless has been traveling the country dishing out tips, tricks, and new recipes to fans while putting his skills on display.

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The sold out crowd was also treated to samples from Bayless's cookbook More Mexican Everyday. The event was all about brunch, featuring Jicama Beet Salad, Horchata French Toast and Spring Green Licuado on the menu.

"Brunch is all about casualness," Bayless said as he plated a batch of custardy French toast topped with raspberries. "Serve it on some beautiful bright Fiestaware. It just makes you feel relaxed and happy."

Bayless was authentic to the core in his presentation, and was focused not only on creating a masterful brunch, but on educating his captivated audience. From how to choose the right jicama, which utensils you should use, the most flavorful types of lettuce and how to shave Piloncillo at home to make syrup, he made sure his recipes were understood and easy to recreate.

The lighthearted chef, whose meals are often inspired by a single ingredient, cautions hosts against having a "favorite" meal.

"I never make the same meal twice for a guest," he said. "My favorite way of cooking on Sunday afternoon is to see what is at the farmer's market that is fresh and simple and in season, and I work with that. I highlight how wonderful the individual ingredients are."

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