Resolve to Eat at These 20 Legendary Restaurants in 2017

Who’s ready for a road trip?


New York's Katz's just might be the best Jewish deli on earth. 

Every city in America is home to its fair share of restaurants that locals deem legendary, ones that have stood the test of time and still serve food that’s really, really good. But some restaurants rise above local renown and become beloved national treasures, iconic institutions that should be on everyone’s bucket list. From the super-cheap to the outrageously expensive, we’ve rounded up 20 restaurants that you should definitely visit if you call yourself a food-lover.

Resolve to Eat at These 20 Legendary Restaurants in 2017 (Slideshow)

Opening a restaurant, achieving profitability, and keeping it in business is no easy feat. Even more difficult is reaching a level of renown where locals tell you that no visit to the city is complete without paying it a visit. Not only are these restaurants must-visits, they’re worthy of a road trip in their own right; these are the types of restaurants that are pilgrimage-worthy, which in our opinion is the highest praise possible.


Most of these legendary restaurants are in major cities including New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but a handful of smaller-town destinations are represented as well. These restaurants run the full spectrum of the American dining experience, from burger and hot dog stands to pizzerias and temples of fine dining. The next time you travel, resolve to be a culinary tourist, one who seeks out those local institutions that their host city just wouldn’t be the same without. These 20 restaurants are great places to start.