Reddi-wip Releases 2 New Non-Dairy Whipped Creams

Coconut and almond milk versions are just as fun to eat

It’s not easy to live dairy-free. You have to go without delicious milk products like cheese, ice cream, and many baked goods. But now there’s one more way in which those who can’t have milk can enjoy the little pleasures of life: There are two brand new varieties of Reddi-wip coming soon to a grocery store shelf near you, and they’re both dairy-free. 

“Reddi-wip has launched Reddi-wip Non-dairy Almond and Reddi-wip Non-dairy Coconut varieties to keep up with the growing demand for non-dairy, plant-based foods among consumers with dietary constraints or different taste preferences,” a representative of ConAgra Brands, Reddi-wip’s parent company, told The Daily Meal in an email. (The almond variety also contains some coconut, the spokesperson said.

You might already have seen the 6-ounce spray cans on your grocer’s shelves, as they began shipping to stores in late May. Suggested retail price is $3.99.

But if you haven’t spotted them, keep looking. Current retailers include Publix, Hy-Vee, and Wakefern, but they’re expected to go national this summer.

“We have seen some positive initial consumer feedback on social media, indicating excitement for a non-dairy variety,” the spokesperson said.

There’s never been a better time for those with dairy-free diets. According to market research firm Mintel International. U.S. non-dairy milk sales grew 61 percent in the last five years, with almond and coconut milk among the popular alternatives.

And although we haven’t tried the new flavors yet, they sound like they’d be just as much fun to eat right out of the can. Er, we mean, to use judiciously as toppings for other dishes. This is yet another vegan-friendly alternative that won’t have you missing dairy.

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