Papa John’s Founder Insures Hands For $15 Million

John Schnatter now joins the ranks of top celebrities who insure their body parts

Facebook/ Papa John's

Those hands are worth a lot of dough.

Papa John’s founder and CEO can really claim his hands are worth a lot of dough.

John Schnatter insured his pizza making paws for $15.3 million with Lloyd’s of London, reports the Daily Mail, and joins the ranks of Heidi Klum’s sky-high legs and Julia Roberts’ radiant smile among celebrity body parts to be insured for record figures.

Papa John’s currently has over 4,500 locations across 37 countries but Schnatter has been out of the kitchen for awhile. Still, in the event that he loses his precious limbs, he will be awarded the hefty eight-figure payout.

While $15 million may seem like a lot of money for hands, other celebs have taken out even larger policies. Roberts’ megawatt smile is insured for $28.5 million and soccer great David Beckham's legs are worth $66 million. 

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