Nickelodeon Slime Ice Cream Cups and Pops Are Now at Walmart

Kids and kids at heart, your summer sugar rush is calling
Slime Pops

If you were a kid in the 1990s, you were partially raised by Nickelodeon. And you certainly know all about Nickelodeon’s famous slime, the green goop that was dumped on kids on iconic shows like “Double Dare.” Now you can buy your own supply of the iconic sticky stuff, in delicious ice cream or icy treat form.

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Admittedly, Nickelodeon slime looks fun when it’s being dumped on someone else, and it’s just as fun to eat when blended in with ice cream. There are two choices for those who want to get slimed. If you like your icy treats on a stick, scoop up the Nickelodeon slime frozen pops. They blend orange and lemon lime flavors, and look like modern art on a stick — or maybe like your own finger-painting work from the days when you couldn’t wait for the next episode of “Rugrats.” A box of 12 pops is $2.97.

If more traditional ice cream is what you seek for sunny days, Nick’s got you slimed, too. Nickelodeon is selling slime ice cream cups, made with low-fat vanilla ice cream and green icing swirls. They sell for $4.97 for a bag of 12 cups, so you can share with your whole gang.

The two new treats are available now exclusively at Walmart.

Slime Cups


Reminiscing about the real Nick slime? “Double Dare” host Marc Summers once revealed that it was made out of vanilla pudding, applesauce, green food coloring and a little oatmeal. Um, yum? Slime ice cream is just odd enough that it might eventually qualify for this list of 21 unexpected ice-cream flavors.