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Tina Liu

New York City's Allison Kim and Her Soon-to-Be Famous Donut Cookies

Originally just a hobby, this baker is taking her sweet treats to a whole new level — and sharing with fellow dessert lovers

Allison Kim and I met by chance through mutual food loving friends. After trying one of her donut cookie creations after an indulgent brunch feast at New York City’s The Little Owl, I was shocked that these weren’t a main stream dessert blowing up our Instagram feeds yet. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with this talented baker (and inhaling some of her donut cookie delights) and here’s what she had to say.

The Daily Meal: For those that haven’t seen the light yet, what is a donut cookie?
Allison Kim:
It's a cookie that wants to be a donut — the texture is similar to that of a cake donut, but has the crispy edges and chewy insides of a cookie. 

Are all treats stuffed?
Yes; unless you request them not to be. But we definitely recommend it!


Are all treats vegan?
All donut cookies start with a vegan cookie base, but don't need to stay vegan, depending on what you stuff and top them with. Before you place your order, we'll break out all of the vegan and non-vegan options we have!

What are you favorite flavor combinations and where do you get your inspiration from?
My favorite flavor combinations are the ones that customers come up with on their own! I'm inspired by their creativity, but I'm also inspired by nostalgic flavors as well as seasonal flavors, like a Samoa inspired one we made last month, and the white chocolate rose one we have for October's flavor.

How did you get started baking and when did it become more than just a hobby?
I've been baking since high school, but decided to pursue the idea of turning my passion into a business this past April. As a former dairy-free vegetarian, I had a hard time finding sweets that would satisfy my craving. Vegan treats often had no taste or relied heavily on seeds/nuts/fruit. All I wanted was a solid chocolate chip cookie and soon I realized I'd have to bake them myself to achieve the texture I craved. 


What are your future plans for these treats?
While this is technically a side project for me, eventually, my goal for the business is to offer other types of stuffed sweet treats that are diet agnostic. I firmly believe everyone has the right to enjoy a delicious treat regardless of dietary restrictions! We're also looking forward to collaborating with influencers and vendors down the road. 

How can I get one (or a dozen!)?
Email us at and follow us on Instagram @sweetstuffednyc.