New Jersey Airport Opens Sushi Bar With World-Class Seafood From Tokyo

When searching for high-grade sushi, an airport typically isn't the first place one might look (though, that option seems much smarter than a gas station). Just in time for holiday travels, Newark Liberty International Airport has opened Tsukiji Fishroom, a hub for pre-made products featuring ingredients directly from Tokyo's world-famous seafood market.

According to Bloomberg, customers begin to line up at the original Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo around 4 a.m. and the wait can last hours. OTG Management restaurant group, which is in charge of a $120 million renovation of United's Terminal C, is flying fish from that market to Newark through a partnership with True World Foods LLC — seafood supplier to elite American clients Nobu, Brooklyn Fare, Blue Ribbon, and Sushiden.

"What we're creating in United's terminal is sushi in an airport, not airport sushi," OTG vice president Eric Brinker told Bloomberg.

Some people are itching it try the fare, while others remain quite skeptical.

"Wow, going to have to hit it up next time," @EWR787 wrote on Twitter.

"PSA: the EWR Tsujiki sushi stand (apparently flown in from the market in Tokyo) does not taste the same. Don't know why I was hopeful," Forbes writer Chloe Sorvino wrote.

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