Is This Mustard Pizza Trend Great Or Gross?

A New York City pizzeria is setting the internet ablaze with its mustard pizza. The Detroit-style eatery uses mustard instead of tomato sauce on one of their pizzas, and tops the creation with corned beef, sauerkraut, and cheese. Naturally, the internet is wildly upset and mildly curious. Pizza toppings are already a polarizing subject. If you thought Twitter was divided by pineapple on pizza, you won't believe what they have to say about mustard instead of marinara.

The Best Pizza In Every State

Lions & Tigers & Squares' mustard pizza looks like Detroit-style pizza in that it's square-shaped, made with brick cheese, and has a thick crust. But unlike Detroit pizza, it's topped with what you might order on rye bread at a deli, and the internet is not having it. Lions & Tigers & Squares partners told Food Insider via Twitter that it's a Trenton, New Jersey, thing... but most of the internet doesn't feel like it deserves to be a thing at all.

"To all yall that complain about pineapples on pizza, THIS pizza with mustard on it is what yall should be disgusted with instead," wrote @Forevernewbrand.

"But like, what has regular pizza sauce ever done to you?" said @Madseatstho

"naa this aint it chief" agreed @Ameerahuwu

"This is why the aliens won't visit us," wrote Jakita.

"This is not a pizza. This is some type of sub, disguised as a pizza. It likely doesn't taste bad if you somehow like sauerkraut. It's just "disgusting" because your mind expects "pizza" but that's clearly not a pizza," Gabriel Insana explained. But some people, who are calling themselves the "NJ Mustard Mafia," think the pizza creation looks absolutely delicious.

"Yallllllll look at this beautiful creation" Rawahn tweeted.

"My kind of pizza #mustardgang" wrote @YuylGL.

"NJ Mustard Mafia approves!!" declared Twitter user Dr Strange.

All we want to know is, do people actually agree that mustard pizza is one of the best foods out of New Jersey? Or is it just one of the dumbest food trends of the year?