Mount Vernon's Chick P City to close this month

Brittany Britto

Middle Eastern carryout restaurant Chick P City will close its doors in Mount Vernon this month after more than a year in business.

Chick P City owner Abdel Majeed Tamerjan, and his wife, general manager Dina, announced the closure of the Read Street restaurant on the shop's website.

"It's with great sadness and regret that we inform you of our last day," they wrote. "… Thank you so much for all the love you showed us. We won't forget it."

The Tamerjans did not immediately respond to The Baltimore Sun's request for comment Thursday, but on WYPR's "Out of The Blocks" episode, released May 7, Tamerjan talked to the hosts Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick about the closure, citing the lack of traffic.

"It's been ups and downs a lot, but overall, it was a great neighborhood," Tamerjan said. "I like it, but there is not much traffic, that's the only problem here in this neighborhood. It's quiet. It's good, [but] it's not good for business to be that quiet."

Tamerjan said there are plans to open a new location in a busier area.

"Unfortunately, it's a decision we have to make, and life is still going on," he said.



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