Alaska: Reuben Sandwich from Most Popular State Fair Foods of 2012

Most Popular State Fair Foods of 2012

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Alaska: Reuben Sandwich

The new, must-try food at the Alaska State Fair this year are the sandwiches from The Reuben Haus. The Reuben Haus, winner of the 2012 pre-fair food tasting competition, is serving up some killer Reuben sandwiches that blew the judges away. The shop's signature sandwich is made up of beer-braised sauerkraut, bacon, homemade Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, and thinly sliced corn beef on marbled rye, grilled to perfection. Order it with a side of mushrooms (well-seasoned and breaded in an amber-beer batter) or french fries (made of Yukon Gold potatoes with a kick of spicy seasoning).