McDonalds Sued After Employee Exposed Customers to Hepatitis A

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 2.0

McDonalds Sued After Employee Exposed Customers to Hepatitis A

A hepatitis A-infected McDonald’s employee may have exposed customers to the viral infection

A lawsuit has been filed against the owner of a McDonald’s franchise in Waterloo, New York, after one of the restaurant’s employees allegedly exposed customers to hepatitis A, a viral liver infection that can be transmitted through consumption of contaminated food, or through direct contact with an infected person.

The lawsuit, filed by a customer who ate at the restaurant while the infected employee was working during early November, seeks class-action status for those who were exposed to hepatitis A.

According to Reuters, the suit could include more than 1,000 plaintiffs.

The risk to customers is low, but the Seneca County Health Department has urged customers to seek medical attention if they have not already been vaccinated against hepatitis A.

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Public health officials later issued a second hepatitis A warning in December stemming from another local Waterloo business, Mark’s Pizza. The worker was in contact with the McDonald’s employee, according to a notice on the Seneca County website.