Mario Batali Launches Organic Line of Cured Meats with Belcampo

Belcampo by Mario Batali

Mario Batali Launches Organic Line of Cured Meats with Belcampo

Mario Batali has teamed up with Belcampo for a special line of meats cured using Italian and Italian-American techniques

Celebrity chef and Daily Meal Council member Mario Batali has partnered with California’s Belcampo Meat Co. for a special line of organic, slow-cured salumi products, featuring both traditional Italian and Italian-American curing techniques.

Using Belcampo Farms’ free-range heritage pork, Belcampo by Mario Batali features traditional salami, spicy pepperoni, and cotechino (Italian cooked sausage traditionally enjoyed during New Year’s celebrations). Belcampo by Mario Batali products will be available throughout Belcampo’s stores in California and online. The traditional salami is $16.25, and the pepperoni and cotechino are both available for $13.

All of Belcampo Meat Co.’s product are certified organic by the organization of California Certified Organic Farmers, and are raised on pasture with non-GMO feed, in low-stress environments.

“We are so thrilled to collaborate with Mario, who shares our same dedication to high-quality ingredients, as well as cooking with authentic, old-world recipes,” said Anya Fernald, CEO of Belcampo. “Teaming up with Mario is a great way to show off our humanely-raised product with our customers not only in California, but nationwide.”

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“I am delighted to be partnering with Belcampo,” Batali said in a statement. “The Belcampo by Mario Batali line is a great combination of the highest quality pork and traditional processes, and I am excited to be introducing it to food fans across the country.”