Krispy Kreme Times Square
Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Will Open Times Square Location With Stadium-Style Seating

From the world’s largest Hot Light to a glaze waterfall, it’ll have it all
Krispy Kreme Times Square
Krispy Kreme

Here comes the perfect doughnut shop for the city that never sleeps. An immersive global flagship Krispy Kreme store will open in New York’s Times Square in early 2020, and it’s got everything from a glaze waterfall to stadium-style seating.

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The store will be the first of its kind for the popular doughnut chain, known for its irresistable original glazed doughnuts as well as its creative holiday and seasonal treats.

But this ain’t your average doughnut shop. This new location is like a theme park for doughnuts, with 4,500 feet of retail space located right at 48th Street and Broadway, and is expected to serve more guests annually than any other Krispy Kreme in the world.

The store will feature the world’s largest Hot Light — the chain’s signature flashy light that shows when hot doughnuts are available — and will be churning out hot, fresh doughnuts 24/7 for locals and tourists alike.

But this store will also play up the theater angle of doughnut making. It’ll feature “immersive and interactive digital activations that enhance experiencing the end‑to‑end doughnut making process,” the company said in a statement. That will include the iconic glaze waterfall, where the doughnuts take a ride under the sugary substance in full view of guests. Other steps of the baking process will also be showcased, including the mixing of raw ingredients.

And when it’s time to stop watching and start devouring, diners can take a stadium-style seat in what’ll be designed to look like the world’s largest Krispy Kreme doughnut box. That stadium seating will ensure they can continue to watch the doughnut making while snacking.

New Yorkers are famously always in a hurry, so the shop will include an exterior walk-up window and an inside grab-and-go counter for speedy purchases.


Don’t head down to Times Square just yet. The store is scheduled to open in early 2020. While we await the construction of this Disneyland-style Krispy Kreme, we will just have to grab breakfast at the other locations of the best doughnut chains in America.