Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but I think the coming thing may be nasturtiums, and everything nasturtiums represent. Or wait: It could be vegetarian menus for carnivores. Or activated cashews, or $185 tasting menus that include spot prawns, seaweed and an interesting way to braise carrots.

White chocolate is the new black. A serious chef farms her own vegetables. Silver Lake is the new Brooklyn. Tokyo is the new Paris. And it is possible to eat superbly well in Los Angeles without knowing any of that, because we are at the nexus of a great center of world trade and a fine agricultural region, and the best meal of the year could as well come from that place in the mini-mall by the 99 Cents Only store as from that place with the thousand-bottle wine list and the chef that you've seen on TV.

Find the entire list (including who reigns supreme) on the LA Times.