Innovative New Table Fixture Encourages Customers to Put Away Their Phones and Actually Talk to One Another While They Eat


(  How many times have you been in a restaurant and seen a couple staring at their phones instead of having a conversation? Introducing the Din Bin, an innovative fixture that attaches to restaurant tables and allows guests to store their phones and other belongings while they eat.

Besides promoting conversation why do restaurants need the Din Bin?

  • The Din Bin can hold guests’ phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses, purses and more while they eat and drink.
  • The Din Bin keeps clutter off the table so that the focus is on the food.
  • The Din Bin allows guests to be more comfortable during their dining experience; not sitting on their wallet, next to their purse or worrying about their phone.
  • The Din Bin allows wait staff to drop the check without having to disturb the guests and make them feel rushed.
  • The Din Bin prevents potential wait staff accidents such as spilling a drink on a guests’ phone.
  • The Din Bin allows space to advertise specials or promotions right on the table top, closest to the point of the purchase.

Not only will the Din Bin enhance guests’ experience but it’s affordable and durable. It’s also simple to install, won’t damage tables and can be moved as needed. The Din Bin retails for only $14.99, or roughly two desserts or two drinks from patrons who stay in the restaurant longer because they aren’t distracted by their phones.

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