Iggy Azalea Says Papa John’s Driver Gave Out Her Phone Number

The Grammy nominee says a Papa John’s employee gave out her number
Wikimedia/Ralph Alverson

Iggy Azalea appears to have been furious when a Papa John's delivery person allegedly gave her phone number to friends and family this weekend.

Grammy nominee Iggy Azalea just wanted a pizza, but when a Papa John’s delivery driver allegedly gave out her personal information this weekend, Azalea took to Twitter to call out the chain for the breach of privacy.

Azalea seems to have ordered a pizza from Papa John’s on Friday night and used her personal cellphone number to place the order. The delivery person was apparently so excited to meet a celebrity that he allegedly gave her phone number out to his friends and family, who started sending Azalea calls and text messages.

Azalea was furious and sent a photo of one such text to the chain:



In addition to tweeting her complaint directly at Papa John’s, Iggy Azalea posted about the incident to her own page so all her 4.2 million followers could read about it.

Azalea seems to have wanted Papa John’s to make amends by sending photos of their delivery drivers to her so she could identify the driver in question.

The person running Papa John’s Twitter account attempted to apologize with a humorous quip referencing Azalea’s song “Bounce,” but Azalea did not appear to be in the mood for it.

Meanwhile, DiGiorno took the opportunity to butter Azalea up and get some publicity for themselves in the meantime.

Azalea appears to have appreciated the sentiment and the disillusionment with delivery, retweeting the DiGiorno’s comment and replying, “I know, right?” 
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