America’s Most Iconic Boardwalk Foods

Some foods are just perfect for a stroll down the boardwalk

Boardwalks are living nostalgia, and the memories families and friends make on them are ones that last a lifetime. While the rides and the kitschy shops are all part of the experience, the food is perhaps what we remember most. Here are America’s most iconic boardwalk foods.

America’s Most Iconic Boardwalk Foods Gallery

Those who have a boardwalk within traveling distance know that it isn’t simply a beach-town gimmick with tourist T-shirts and overpriced rides. It is where a little boy won his first arcade game, where a little girl got her face painted for the first time. It is where high school seniors went after prom or for senior week, where they got their first kisses, and where they dreamed of returning with their own families someday.
Those memories are personal, but the memories of boardwalk foods, from corn dogs to salt water taffy, are collective.

While you’d hardly call any of these foods healthy, calories are far from our minds when we're vacationing. Plus, if you’re going to eat a funnel cake, you’re better off doing it on a day when you’ve been walking around and swimming, right? Read on for the most iconic boardwalk foods.


Additional reporting by Nikkitha Bakshani, Lauren Gordon, and Leora Novick.