Hip Hop Artist Seeks Ina Garten Lookalike for Music Video

A New York City hip hop artist is looking for his own Barefoot Contessa for his next music video

It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Ina Garten in a bikini.

A New York City-based hip hop artist is seeking a lookalike of Food Network celebrity and Hamptons hospitality maven Ina Garten “to host a parody cooking show in a hip hop music video,” according to an intriguing post on Craigslist in New York City.

Presumably, the most important features will be Garten’s signature haircut — a neatly maintained bob with bangs — plus a selection of navy blue or black collared shirts and some understated jewelry.

The Barefoot Contessa doppelganger will star in a cooking show “that escalates into a crazy party type scene (in a humorous manner).” There is no nudity involved, but like many music videos, “possibly a bikini shot” will be required. Shooting is expected to last around eight hours and will likely take place in Manhattan. You’ll be happy to know that it’s also a paid gig ($100), and transportation will be provided.

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It’s unclear if the makers of the upcoming video reached out directly to Garten herself, but we bet a quick scouting session of her regular Hamptons haunts would yield some spot-on clones.