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25 Formerly Popular Dishes Restaurants No Longer Serve

Don’t expect to encounter these classic dishes at your local neighborhood spot

If you were to travel back in time 100 years and visit a restaurant, be it a high-end French gastronomic temple or a no-frills lunch counter, a glance at the menu would most likely send your head spinning. Menus are ever-evolving creatures, and even in the past 50 years certain dishes that were once quite popular have gone the way of the dodo.

25 Formerly Popular Dishes Restaurants No Longer Serve

Popular tastes change over time, and these dishes have fallen out of favor for a wide variety of reasons. Some are very heavy and tend to rely on complicated French techniques; some have vanished because they rely on animals (or organs) that the masses have simply stopped eating for a wide variety of reasons; and some, well, just aren’t very popular any more.

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From humble workingman’s fare to outrageously ostentatious entrees, read on for a glimpse at some food items that, for better or worse, have all but disappeared from American menus.