Forget The Ham: For Christmas and New Year’s in New York, Go Cultural Or Go Home

Here are three great options for those looking to dine international this Holiday season


Oovina's offerings include turkey tacos made with deep fried turkey, radish sprouts, cranberry pico de gallo, and sweet potato.

Oovina, a gluten-free, whimsical eatery with a Latin twist, got such great feedback on their Thanksgiving menu that they’re keeping it alive on Christmas Eve and through New Year’s.  

Those items include turkey tacos made with deep fried turkey, radish sprouts, cranberry pico de gallo, homemade sweet potato, and corn tortillas; Pernil, a traditional Guatemalan roasted pork loin stuffed with peppers, sweet sausage, garlic and olive; pork tamle made from roasted pork shoulder, homemade ancho-tomato sauce, red/green bell pepper, olives, and corn masa wrapped in a banana leaf; chorizo stuffing made with cheese bread, sausage, golden raisin chutney, curry, parika, and Italian parsley, cheese parsnip mash made with white truffle oil; Salpicon, a tradition Guatemalan side dish made with diced heirloom multi colored radish, deep fried turkey “rackling” bits, diced mint, cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice; sparking Rosè Brussels sprouts pan roasted in brown butter infused with sparkling Gruet Rose Champenoise, curry, salt, pepper, herbs; and pumpkin flan brulee made with cinnamon, brown sugar, & caramel cognac sauce.

For New Years, they are offering a 5-course tasting menu which includes Shrimp tacos, sautéed artichokes, cassava gnocchi, bistec y papas, and flan brûlée for an insane $45—tack $40 an hour for open bar until 12am. They'll show the live broadcast of the Times Square countdown and host a cocktail party from 12am-4am.

KOA is also a great choice, they will also be open for reservations between 12 and 3pm and 5-8pm (last reservation at 7:30) on Christmas Eve, and for Christmas day dinner from 5pm-10:30pm.

Asian-inspired dishes crafted by Iron Chef Yuji Wakiya will include seasonal vegetables wrapped in thinly-sliced pork belly; dragon fruit and shrimp ceviche; and salt-crusted filet mignon with spicy Chinese miso sauce. In addition, people can choose one of two ramen dishes - Soy Milk Dan Dan Ramen and Spicy Dan Dan Ramen, and indulge in the sweet Strawberry Romanoff for dessert. That meal will run $75 per person.

To ring in New Year’s, sparkling sake will go well with their signature Dan Dan Sorba, a deliciously spicy ramen-like creation made of noodles in soy milk broth with ground beef and lettuce; or a bowl Classic Chashu Ramen with thinly sliced pork belly, scallions, sweet soy pickled bamboo shoots in a soy sauce broth. Other solid orders include sweet basil chili shrimp and He-he-a-he Chicken, served in a giant bed of hot red peppers (that I would advise you not to eat. They look much prettier than they feel on your tongue).  

Lastly, CorkBuzz Union Square is offering a traditional Italian Feast of Seven Fishes, with West Coast oysters as an Amuse Bouche, followed by a choice of Bacalao Croqueta with saffron aioli and spicy romesco or Crudo of Fluke with fresno chili and basil for the first course; Tagliatelle with cioppino broth, mussels, clams, tarragon or Agnolotti, shrimp mousse, snow peas, Calabrian chili for the second course; and Branzino Filet or Merluzzo alla Forno with tomato, black olives and bread crumbs for the third course. Dessert comes with a choice of wine-poached pear tart, cheese plate, or sorbet. That pre-fix is $75 per person.

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For New Year’s Eve, a “Speakeasy” pre-fix includes Kumamato Oyster; Scallop Crudo with lime nasturtium and French breakfast radish; Black Tie Farfalle with white truffle, caviar, parmesan; Filet Mignon with mayan prawn, crushed potatoes, spinach, winter spice jus, and Goat Cheese Souffleé with vanilla, pistachio, fig reduction, also $75 per person at 6pm, and $100 per person at 9pm with a champagne toast.