Food-of-the-Month Clubs: The Good, the Bad, and the Interesting Slideshow

Nothing says 'thanks!' or 'congratulations!' like a thoughtful present

Dinner and a Movie Club

Have newlyweds in your life or even an older couple who enjoy a good dinner and a movie date? Gift the gift of a prepared dinner and a gift certificate for a video rental with some gourmet popcorn to match from The Flying Noodle.

Bacon of the Month Club

This is a bit odd, not surprising, and definitely intriguing. What’s better than thick-cut, artisan bacon being shipped to your front door every month from bacon-lovers around the country?  Nothing, that’s what. 

Wine of the Month Club’s wine selection is so vast that this wine of the month club could never get boring. Discover wine’s from various regions and become a natural born sommelier at home. Sample different tastes from all over the world and if a sample bottle strikes your fancy, order a full-sized bottle to your liking.

Cookie of the Month Club

We all have a cookie monster in our lives—the first one with their hand in the jar. For those crumb-crazed friends and family, give them the present of whacky and unique flavors every month from The Cravory. Curious? They’ll receive flavors like pancakes and bacon, pink lemonade, banana split, and Nutella milkshake. Sounds pretty solid to us—sign us up. 

Scone of the Month Club

So, you like tea—you really like tea, don’t you? Nothing says tea party like a fluffy, flaky scone to accompany it. In increments of 3, 6, 9, or twelve months, will send you scones based on the season and on flavor profiles of seasonal teas. 

Chips and Salsa of the Month Club

Big chip and dip guy?  We don’t blame you. Whether it’s a game night must-have or you are just really into foods with Latin flair—a chips and salsa of the month club sounds just about right for the party animal in you. Just remember to share. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly of the Month Club

This is an incredible gift. While the run of the mill spreads will always remain a classic, it’s always great to mix it up a bit. Every month, a new jar of a seasonal preserve or jam will arrive alongside a new locally made and sourced jar of peanut butter. Pair that with the bread of the month club and your lunches are set up for life. 

Forbidden Foods of the Month Club

Yes, you heard correctly—forbidden. What does that mean? Well it’s basically all the rule-breaking, gut-busting, diet-cheating foods that you should avoid, but you’re too indulgent not to. Besides, once a month isn’t really going to kill anyone, is it?  Zingerman's past installments have included: Sea-Salt Topped Pecan Blondie, Celtic Sea-Salt Caramels, Ginger Jump-Up Molasses Cookie, Arkansas pepperd bacon, and chocolate covered Spanish figs.

Mac and Cheese of the Month Club

Four cheese, bacon and shallot, truffled and mushroom—are you hungry yet? Good Tastes loves themselves some mac and cheese, so much so, they are looking to share. The brand shells out different flavored dishes on the second Monday of every month and express mail so it just has to be thawed and warmed to really enjoy. 

Bread of the Month Club

A unique gift suited for any occasion, Pain D’Avignons Bread of the Month Club delivers fresh-baked European-style treats from picturesque Cape Cod to doorsteps nationwide.  Featuring a seasonal selection of the bakery’s painstakingly prepared artisan breads and pastries, the Bread of the Month Club is a monthly token of love the whole family will enjoy. Perfect food-obsessed dads, (or guys who just like to eat) but for busy families, it’s a convenient way to enhance sandwiches, snacks and meals at home.