World Records For Food And Drink

The average person goes about their day eating sandwiches, salads, tacos and more. But somewhere down the line, someone woke up and said, "I want to drink a whole bottle of ketchup faster than anyone on the planet." And that daring soul is not alone. Across the country and the globe, many others have gone to great lengths to set the wildest food and drink records in history.


The following feats are verified by Guinness World Records.

Largest collection of hamburger-related items

Harry Sperl loves a good burger. In fact, he has the largest collection of hamburger-related collectibles ever. "Hamburger Harry" has 3,724 items in total ranging from a cheeseburger waterbed to a fully functioning cheeseburger Harley trike in his Daytona Beach, Florida, home.

Heaviest carrot

Christopher Qualley of Otsego, Minnesota, grew the heaviest carrot weighing 22.44 pounds. Was it dipped in hummus? Thrown in stew? Used to make a batch of creative cookies? The world may never know.

Most expensive fungus

The world's most expensive fungus is the white truffle, tuber magnatum pico. It grows a foot underground in the Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marches regions of Italy as well as the Istrian peninsula of Croatia — and it can only be found with the help of trained dogs. The price tag? Up to $3,000 per kilo (2.2 pounds). There's no doubt this truffle would go great with mac and cheese.

Most hamburgers eaten in 3 minutes

In Milan, Italy, on July 11, 2014, competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi ate 12 4-ounce burgers with mayo in three minutes. If you plan to eat slow enough to taste your burger, why not have the best burger in your state?

Most pubs visited

As of January 2014 when he set the record, Bruce Masters of Flitwick in Bedfordshire, England, has visited 46,495 drinking establishments since 1960. We wonder if he's been to any of the best Irish pubs in America.

Most juice extracted from grapes by treading in 3 minutes

Martina Servaty extracted 4.47 gallons of grape juice in three minutes in Cologne, Germany, in 2008. Stomping grapes might sound unsanitary, but it's just as safe as eating these moldy foods.

Longest noodle

The longest noodle measured 10,119 feet and 1.92 inches long and was made by Xiangnian Food Co., Ltd. in Nanyang, Henan, China, in October 2017. Sounds like the secret ingredient to the best bowl of pasta ever.

Largest cake sculpture

The largest cake sculpture was 54 feet by 45 feet, 7 inches by 1 foot, 9.25 inches. It was made by 250 individuals from the National Association Cake Designers Italy in Milan in October 2015.

Largest pizza

The largest pizza ever made had a surface area of 13,580.28 square feet — and it was completely gluten free. It was made by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte of NIPfood at Fiera Roma in Rome, Italy, in December 2012.

Largest M&M’s mosaic

A fun food fact is that the record for largest M&M's mosaic goes to the candy's own maker, Mars Incorporated. Approximately 291,490 chocolate pieces were used to make a logo measuring about 534 square feet. It was made by 27 people and took more than 17 hours to complete.

Fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded

Manish Upadhyay and Dinesh Upadhyaya are the fastest team of two to peel and eat an orange blindfolded. Manish peeled and Dinesh did the eating in 17.15 seconds. The record was verified in Goregaon, Mumbai, India, in March 2014. Dinesh also holds the record for most oranges peeled and eaten in three minutes. He ate seven. That's one way to get your vitamin C.

Most expensive hot dog

The most expensive hot dog that is commercially available costs $169 and was sold by Tokyo Dog in February 2014. The Seattle food truck dubbed it "Juuni Ban," featuring smoked cheese bratwurst, butter Teriyaki grilled onions, Maitake mushrooms, Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, caviar and Japanese mayo on a brioche bun.

Longest tiramisu

You won't find this at your local dessert shop. The longest tiramisu was completed in March 2019 and was 897 feet and 3 inches long. It was made in Milan, Italy, by dairy company Galbani Santa Lucia with the help of students from the Milan Cooking School directed by chef Stefano Callegaro, who won the fourth season of "Masterchef Italia."

Largest serving of pancakes

On Feb. 25, 2017, the largest serving of pancakes — 12,716 in total — was served by food brand Mafka in Muzeon Park, Moscow, Russia. All it needed was hash browns, potato chips or any of these other unexpected ingredients that make pancakes shine.

Largest bubblegum bubble blown

Chad Fell blew the largest bubblegum bubble in Winston County, Alabama, on April 24, 2004, using three pieces of Dubble Bubble. It had a diameter of 20 inches. Dubble Bubble is still one of the most popular Halloween candies in America.

Longest line of hot dogs

The longest line of hot dogs was created in August 2018. It measured 4,803 feet and 2.97 inches. It was made by four brands — Embasa, Grupo Bumbo, McCormick and Fud — in Jalisco, Mexico, the home of tequila. Here's the kicker: The line spelled out the words "hot dog."

Largest vegan cake

The largest vegan cake was 1,019 pounds and 6 ounces, featuring sugar, flour, semolina and soy yogurt in the base and whipped soy cream and strawberries on top. The record-holder is Therese Lindgren, who created the dessert in Stockholm, Sweden, in November 2017. You can have your vegan cake and eat it too, but if you want something else, the most vegan-friendly restaurant in your state has you covered.

Heaviest avocado

The heaviest avocado was grown in Kahului, Hawaii, by Mark, Juliane and Loihi Pokini in December 2018. It weighed in at 5.6 pounds. Pair that with a lot of toast and you've got yourself one of the biggest and best brunch recipes of all time.

Fastest time to drink 1 liter of lemon juice through a straw

When life gives you lemons, drink 1 liter of its juice through a straw as fast as you can. Andre Ortolf did this in Augsburg, Germany, on March 22, 2018. It took him 17.12 seconds.

Most Bhut Jolokia chili peppers eaten in 1 minute

Mike Jack holds the record for eating the most Bhut Jolokia chili peppers in one minute. He took down 3.42 ounces (approximately 10 peppers) in London, Ontario, Canada, on March 2, 2019. The Bhut Jolokia is also known as the ghost pepper — the hottest pepper in the world.

Most mustard drank through a tube in 30 seconds

Why use mustard on a perfectly good hot dog when you could just shoot it straight? Andre Ortolf sucked down 14.7 ounces of Delikatess Senf Mittelscharf mustard in 30 seconds in Schwarzach, Germany, on Jan. 5, 2015.

Fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup

Andre Ortolf also holds the record for fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup. He downed the condiment in 17.53 seconds in Augsburg, Germany, on Nov. 30, 2017. We prefer to save it for fries. The average American eats nearly 30 pounds of the lovable spud every year, after all.

Most udon eaten in 3 minutes

Jeremy Lanig ate 39 ounces of udon in just three minutes in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, on July 28, 2019. If you struggle to cook your own noodle dishes, here's how to make them perfectly every time.

Most bananas snapped in 1 minute

The most bananas snapped in one minute goes to Ashrita Furman, who snapped 114 bananas in half in 60 seconds on Dec. 5, 2018, in Jamaica, New York. After, the yellow fruit was turned into banana bread, an all-time favorite childhood dessert.

Largest scoop of ice cream

You won't find this at the best ice cream stand in your state. The world's largest ice cream scoop was strawberry-flavored and weighed 3,010 pounds. It was 5 feet, 6 inches tall and 6 feet, 2 inches wide, featuring 733 containers of ice cream. It was created by Kemps LLC in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, on June 28, 2014.

Most expensive cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of those difficult but impressive desserts to make, and this one sold for $4,592.42 on Oct. 30, 2017. The world's most expensive cheesecake was made with buffalo ricotta, white truffle and gold leaves by chef Raffaele Ronca at Ristorante Rafele in New York City.

Most expensive hamburger

The most expensive hamburger cost $5,000. It weighed 777 pounds and was made by Juicy's Foods in Corvallis, Oregon, on July 2, 2011. With 48 hours notice, you can even order the same one for yourself. Looking for something smaller? It's not verified by Guinness, but the Fleurburger at Fleur in Las Vegas is a tie for the most expensive burger in America — and it comes with a bottle of wine.

Most expensive milkshake

The most expensive milkshake was made at Serendipity 3 in New York City on June 1, 2018. The $100 sweet treat was made with Jersey milk, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Devonshire luxury clotted cream, Madagascar vanilla beans, 23-karat edible gold, whipped cream, donkey caramel sauce and Luxardo gourmet maraschino cherries served in a glass coated with 3,000 Swarovski crystals.

Most expensive cocktail

The most expensive cocktail was the "Winston" featuring 60 milliliters (2 ounces) of Croizet's 1858 Cuvee Leonie cognac, which also happens to be the most expensive cognac sold at auction. It was made by Joel Heffernan at Club 23 in Melbourne, Australia, on Feb. 7, 2013. It sold for $8,583. We don't know how this drink got its name, but we tracked down the fascinating origin stories for these classic cocktails.

Most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime

We've got a true burger king here, and we're not talking about one of the most iconic food mascots of all time. The record for most Big Macs eaten is held by Donald Gorske, who typically eats 14 Big Macs a week by purchasing them in bulk and reheating them at home. When he broke the record, he had eaten his 28,788th Big Mac in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on Aug. 24, 2016. In the 44 years prior, there had only been eight days in which he did not eat one.

Most grapes eaten using feet in 3 minutes

Kaif Ali Khan ate 65 grapes using only his feet in three minutes on Dec. 9, 2018, in Kotdwara, India. Hopefully he washed his tootsies first.

Most layers in a sandwich

The record for most layers in a sandwich is 60. On Oct. 22, 2016, food scientist Irwin Adam Eydelnant of Future Food Studio completed the attempt at Madison Square Park in New York City, where he stacked bread, meat and mustard sky-high. It might be easier to fit one of America's best chicken sandwiches in your mouth.

Largest collection of spoons

In 1990, Des Warren of Mayfield, Australia, was recognized for owning more than 30,000 teaspoons. What does one do with that many spoons? We can only imagine he spared a few for cereal in the morning.

Largest collection of bottle caps

In 1999, Poul Høegh Poulsen of Rodovre, Denmark, had acquired 101,733 bottle caps from 183 countries since he first started collecting them in 1956. Sounds like someone drank a lot of pop.

Fastest marathon while flipping a pancake

On Oct. 24, 1999, Mike Cuzzacrea ran the Casino Niagara International Marathon in Buffalo, New York, in 3 hours and 27 seconds. He was flipping a pancake in a frying pan the whole time.

Most varieties of cheese on a pizza

On Sept. 5, 2018, Johnny di Francesco made a pizza with 154 different types of cheese at 400 Gradi in Melbourne, Australia. That's one way to eat more cheese.

Largest chocolate sculpture

On April 1, 2018, the largest chocolate sculpture weighed in at 23,122.08 pounds. It was a wattle and daub-style home complete with a wood stove, pans, a spoon, jars, cups, a chair, a desk, a typewriter, a pen and more — all made out of chocolate. It took 13 days for Brazil's Equipe da Casa do Chocolate to make.

Fastest time to drink 1 liter of gravy

Steven Ruppel drank 1 liter (33.8 ounces) of Campbell's canned chicken gravy in 1 minute and 12.5 seconds in Wausau, Wisconsin, on April 25, 2018. Somebody better keep an eye on this guy at Thanksgiving.

Largest picnic blanket

The largest picnic blanket was 18,944.41 square feet. It was made in Wales before it was shipped to Durban, South Africa. North America is actually home to a giant picnic basket-shaped building. The seven-story structure is one of the coolest roadside attractions in America.

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