Eat Your Way Through the Last Days of Summer with the Help of These Boston Restaurants

Choose from fabulous summer snack options, from take-out picnic baskets to charcuterie boards

A summer picnic basket.

Everyone wants to prolong summer. August is flying by and people are starting to panic…Not to worry though, these Boston restaurants have you covered with fabulous summer snack options from take-out picnics, to charcuterie boards, to  glorious spreads.

Beacon Hill Bistro
Stroll down historic Charles Street in Beacon Hill, get hungry. Call Beacon Hill Bistro and place your order for one of their summertime picnic baskets. Select your choice of grilled sirloin burger; BLT; Connecticut-style crab roll; bacon, leek, and goat cheese quiche; tagliatelle with duck confit; and more. Stop by one hour later and take your customized picnic basket to the Public Gardens for a wonderful meal anytime Monday through Friday, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and 5:30 to 10:00 p.m.

The team at Davio’s knows just what people need to fully enjoy the outdoors along with delicious food. Call in an hour ahead of your desired pickup time to place an order for one of Davio’s Picnic Baskets. Fresh selections of salad, sandwiches, and a signature dessert all come cradled in a picnic basket with a complimentary blanket as well. A basket for two people is $95, return the picnic basket and you get a $50 refund—not a bad price for a three-course meal with your favorite view of the sunset.

Griddler’s Burgers and Dogs
Who says you have to go through all the trouble of grilling to enjoy delicious and fresh burgers and dogs outside? Locally sourced, handpicked, and made fresh just for you are Griddler’s burgers and dogs. With their flagship store located just a few moments away from Boston Common and right across from historic Copley Square, you can head here for a truly American summer experience. Pick up a classic O.G. Burger (quarter pounder with Griddler’s sauce and pickles from Grillo’s) or build your own from their base of hot dog, veggie, chicken, or beef burger and a tantalizing array of toppings like sauerkraut, chipotle aioli, pickle, Cajun ham, and fried eggs.

Keep things light with Haru’s special summer roll. Available now through October 6, the Watermelon Roll is made with snow crab, green onion, mint and, of course, watermelon. The whole thing is topped off with shrimp and served with a lemon dressing. Order the roll to go and enjoy it by the Esplanade or any other picnic destination.

Take a day trip outside of Boston and factor-in a stop at Dave Becker’s Juniper in Wellesley. Summer spreads are probably the best thing to enjoy with a glass of white wine and Juniper’s Brian Samuels has a strong roster of incredible dips and spreads. From tzatziki to muhamarra, edamame hummus and mango spread, most of the dips (excluding the tzatziki) are dairy-free and you can procure gluten-free naan! Should your itinerary not include a restaurant stop, call in an order for take-out.


Puritan and Co.
Chef Will Gilson’s Puritan and Co., in Inman Square thrives in the summertime, especially on Saturdays. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the space next to the restaurant becomes a pop-up market. Stop by during these hours to pick up a meatball sub, New England lobster roll on a house made croissant or an authentic New England grinder with cheese, cured meats and pickled peppers. Even more exciting are their picnic baskets available for ordering 24 hours in advance. With a choice between four baskets designed for two diners (charcuterie basket, the farmer’s lunch, sandwich stack, and fisherman’s feast), you may want to order more than one.