Dunkin’ Donuts to Close 100 Stores by the End of 2016


The closures will only affect those operated by Speedway, a convenience store chain. 

Dunkin’ Donuts will close 100 of its United States locations between now and the end of next year, the chain’s parent company, Dunkin’ Brands Group announced Thursday, in an investor report

Although it is not yet clear which specific stores will be closed, the announcement applies only to franchise locations operated by Speedway LLC, a chain of convenience stores.

Dunkin’ Brands confirmed that Speedway will continue to operate as a franchisee, and that the sales from these specific stores only represented a very small fraction, .1 percent, of its U.S. sales. Moreover, Dunkin’ Donuts will continue to open more locations around the United States throughout 2016. 

In the report, the company also stressed that it would continue to do its “most important job” of staying relevant and evolving its market approach, as well as “confronting reality and headwinds.”


Citing its product lineup and continued expansion of its mobile app DD Perks, Dunkin’ Donuts also noted that it was increasingly looking to engage a young and tech-savvy customer base, especially with its promised mobile ordering option, which will begin testing in Maine next month, and its delivery service, which will be tested soon in Dallas, Texas through Door Dash, a third-party delivery service.