Fish and Chips
Courtesy of the LA Dodgers

Dodger Stadium Batters Up Fried Specials & More for Major League Division Series

Served for a limited time only. Get it before it’s going, going, gone.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers currently competing in the Major League Division Series, baseball fans may be coming for the playoff games (and, fingers crossed, the 2017 World Series), but stadium food fans come for the grub. Dodger Stadium now has all its bases covered following a complete revamp of its food stands, specialty menus, and dining spaces for its winning 2017 season.

The stadium’s food provider, Levy Restaurants, expects to sell seven million Dodger Dogs this year. But what they’re really selling is what Angelinos really want: New-fangled hot dogs, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, vegetarian, gluten-free foods, and guilty-pleasure munchies. “We’re bringing new flair,” says Ryan Evans, the stadium’s new executive chef.

Evans has also been throwing some curveballs in his first Dodgers season, with food specials created and served for a limited-time only. For the Mets matchup, for instance, the Big City Dog was an all-beef hot dog with sauerkraut, green apples (get it?), and whole-grain Dijon. For the Milwaukee series, the special was Poutine, topped with beef gravy, cheese curds, garlic aioli, and green onions.

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For a look at all the special foods currently being served for the Major League Division Series, we’ve got the rundown.