Do Salsa and Hummus Belong in the Same Bite? Tribe Hummus Hopes So

The new hummus features a ‘smooth, yet zesty salsa’

The new hummus features a ‘smooth, yet zesty salsa.’

As part of its new line of Tribe Swirl hummus products, the company that calls itself the “caviar of hummus” has debuted Salsa Hummus, described as a “popular dip, but new to the hummus world.”

As one press pitch described, “you still can’t pull a George Constanza, but you can now have the best of both worlds in one sensational scoop.”

Of course, this version of double dipping is not quite the same as snacking à la George, but (hopefully) more like when you first discovered how well honey goes with Greek yogurt, or how to elevate a sandwich with potato chips.

The rest of the Tribe Swirl line features Fiery Sriracha (of course), sweet red pepper, and garlic and herb.

As described in a press release, Tribe would have you know that this new product “eliminates the need to mix the hummus before eating. By featuring ribbons of topping throughout the entire bowl, Tribe Swirl delivers the featured flavors in every mouthful.”