The Definitive Food Guide to NYC’s Panorama Festival 2016

The food lineup is the only thing better than the music lineup
fish taco

Paul Wagtouicz

C'mon, how often do you get food like this at a music festival?

Panorama is making its debut on the East Coast this weekend. The organizers of Coachella have started a new music festival here in New York, and as expected, the stars have come out. Big names like Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar, and more award-winners will perform.

However, the organizers have created a food lineup that is as deep and talented as the music lineup (and probably has us more excited). From pastrami sandwiches to one pound burritos, Panorama has gone all-out to please food-savvy New Yorkers.

There will be 45 food and drink vendors. Going to all 45 in three days seems like a pretty tall order, so I’ll cut to the highlights. In no particular order, here’s what we’re looking forward to:


When the going gets tough, the tough get hungry. So, they eat, preferably at one of these places.


These guys make fried rice balls, and put basically anything and everything in them. If you need any more inspiration, then imagine what a mac and cheese ball tastes like. Yes, please.


Dough is a Brooklyn-based company that makes handmade doughnuts. If your ventures into the world of doughnuts have always stopped at the factory-flavored Dunkin’ Donuts, then it’s time to open your eyes to the world.


Eggloo is a Chinatown-based restaurant serving an interesting take on the classic waffles-and-ice cream combo. Their fare consists of fresh-made egg waffles rolled into a cone with ice cream, toppings, and a condensed milk drizzle on top. Plus, for all the #FoodPorn lovers out there, Eggloos are loved for their Instagram-ability as much as for their taste. A must-eat for all food Insta addicts.


The perfect late-night festival food: Hebros Kitchen promises delicious chicken, lamb, and falafel pitas piled high with extras. I’ll definitely be snagging one for that trek back to Manhattan.


As any egg-wrap lover will tell you, breakfast food is not just for breakfast. I’d eat bacon, eggs, and jalapeño garlic mashed potatoes on a tortilla any time. That sounds delicious. And if you agree, well you’re in luck: Jalapa Jar is serving this and other spicy egg wraps all day, every day.


The Landhaus is a Smorgasburg staple, serving an amazingly delicious variety of foods. However, it’ss keeping the menu simple at Panorama, bringing a cheeseburger, veggie burger, and tater tots. That just excites me more: Anybody who serves great food and is focusing on two or three items will ensure that those are knock-your-socks-off good.


In news that should have most New Yorkers excited: Loosie Rouge is teaming up with Katz’s Delicatessen. Together, they will be serving a po’boy with Katz pastrami. After reading that, you’re either anxiously awaiting this sandwich, or you’re wrong.


Not your typical New York pizza slice. Roberta’s pizza can only be described as “artisanal,” with pieces of melted mozzarella on top of tomato sauce and (if you want it) pepperoni. It’s not the greasy slice you may think you want, but the heavenly pie you deserve.


The Beatrice Inn is only bringing two things to Panorama: burgers and fries. Sure, there are three types of burgers, but as I said for Landhaus, these guys mean business. Plus, people have always raved about how good these are. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be hitting this place up when it’s burger-o’clock.


CHICKEN AND WAFFLES, Y’ALL. It’s a combination of goodness, and Twist and Smashd is serving it at Panorama. Plus, it’ll be offering other variations of comfort food that you’ll love. If you’re ever not having a great time, hit them up for some back-to-your-roots, amazing food.


These guys are offering a one-pound burrito. Is it possible to finish that? I mean, all of their food looks delicious, so at least I wouldn’t be able to complain about the food being bad.


A quick look at the weather forecast shows that it’s going to be real hot out there—the highs for the weekend are 95, 98, and 94 degrees. With that in mind, here’s a separate section devoted to delicious ways to keep yourself cool at the festival.


Homemade bubbly concoctions from Brooklyn. Another Smorgasburg staple. These promise to be delicious and inspired (blueberry and lemon sparkling juice, anyone?)


These guys off the healthy (shaved ice) and less healthy (ice cream) options for cooling off. Both options come with delicious, creative flavors that were made to be Instagrammed.


Homemade frozen fruit pops. Let your inner child rejoice at revisiting an old favorite. Plus, they’re actually a delicious, healthy, and effective way to cool off out there.


The taste of matcha, a powder of specially grown green tea that originates from Japan, isn’t for everyone. It’s got a third of the caffeine as coffee, but it’s still perfect for a caffeine kick at the festival. Plus, Matchabar puts matcha in everything from lattes to popsicles. If you like matcha or are curious to learn, look no further.


Because sometimes, you just need some sort of coffee-related drink. They’ll have cold brew and various other hot and cold offerings. 

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