The Daily Dish: Wise Potato Chips Sued for Bags Filled With More Air Than Chips

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Wise Potato Chips Sued for Bags Being Filled With Too Much Air

It’s one of life’s great disappointments: You open up a bag of chips and it’s only meagerly filled with the crisp of your choice. Two customers decided to stand up for the little guy and filed a lawsuit against Wise Foods for under-filling potato chip bags. The proposed class action lawsuit claims that in comparison to snack competitors, Wise chips are ripping off consumers with chip bags that are filled up only one-third of the way. The parties are seeking damages for consumers in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as packaging changes. As the litigation is currently pending, Wise will not address the specifics of plaintiffs' allegations.

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The New Starbucks Pink Drink Tastes Like Strawberries and Springtime

After years of being relegated to the off-screen “secret menu,” the famous, fan-invented Pink Drink is now an official Starbucks offering! This impossibly pink drink is coffee- and dairy-free, and made with Strawberry Acai Refreshers (with “accents of passion fruit and açaí”) mixed with coconut milk and topped with a scoop of strawberries. The drink represents the colors and flavors of warmer weather, and we’re all for it!

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Dorothy Mengering, Pie-Maker and Mother of Late Night TV, Dies at 95

Dorothy Mengering, the mother of late night TV host David Letterman, died at the age of 95 on Tuesday, April 11, in Carmel, Indiana. Although Letterman was the nominal star of CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman, Mengering often made appearances on the show and built a fan base of her own as the unofficial mother of late night television. Mengering would star in segments such as “Guess Mom’s Pie” for Thanksgiving and for Mother’s Day. "We just all loved the fact that she shined in her unexpected second career as a television star,” Gretchen Letterman, 61, another of Mengering’s three children, told the Tampa Bay Times.

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Storm Lake Times

This Family-Run Rural Newspaper Won a Pulitzer for Taking On Big Agricultural Companies

Showing that great journalism comes in all shapes and sizes, one of the surprise winners of the Pulitzer Prize, announced this week, is The Storm Lake Times — a tiny Iowa newspaper with a circulation of just 3,000. The publication — a family-run newspaper where most of the 10 employees are related to one another — won in the editorial category for a series of pieces published in response to a lawsuit filed by Des Moines Water Works against several Iowa counties — including Storm Lake’s Buena Vista County — accusing them of allowing farm drainage systems to release inappropriate levels of nitrogen into local rivers. “We’ve always believed that The Storm Lake Times should be as good at covering Storm Lake as The New York Times is at covering New York,” Art Cullen, the paper’s editor, told The Guardian. “There’s no reason why an editorial written in Iowa shouldn’t be as good as an editorial written in Washington.”

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Wikimedia Commons

In-N-Out Sued This Small-Town Barbershop for Stealing Its Name

A barbershop in Puerto Rico has caught the attention of regional award-winning burger chain In-N-Out, and not in a good way. In-N-Out (the West Coast burger chain) is suing In.N.Out (the small-town barbershop in Puerto Rico) for trademark infringement, according to legal court documents. In-N-Out Burger originally sent a cease and desist letter and even offered to send a translation of the letter in Spanish to the defendant, barbershop owner Luis Rivera Serrano, according to TMZ. After a second letter was sent to the defendant in January (which never received a response), In-N-Out took action and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit. The chain is demanding “all profits and damages from the infringement.”


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