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These Chocolate Shoes Are Realistic Enough to Wear

Japanese chocolatier Motohiro Okai has created chocolate shoes, and they look so perfect, a person could be forgiven for trying to put them on. According to Rocket News 24, the Gentleman’s Radiance line of chocolate shoes from the L’éclat chocolate boutique at the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka, Japan, looks like extremely high-end brown leather shoes. They have the chocolatey, variated luster of high-end leather, and each pair has seams, soles, stitches, and laces. The shoes are 10.2 inches long and completely edible, and cost about $260. Only nine pairs will reportedly be made, and they’re available for preorder from Jan. 20 to Feb. 7.



Second-Grader Uses Winning Lottery Ticket to Feed Homeless

A little girl in Missouri hit the jackpot last week when she found a winning lottery ticket on the ground, and then she impressed everybody by donating her winnings to help feed the homeless for the holidays. According to KHSB, Phoebe Brown found the scratch-off ticket on the ground outside a grocery store. The ticket was worth $100. Phoebe said she considered spending the money on toys, but decided to give it to her school’s Thanksgiving food drive instead. Her parents were so impressed with her generosity that her father agreed to match whatever she donated, altogether spending $200 on canned goods at Walmart to give to the school’s food drive.


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Miami Restaurants Celebrate Fidel Castro’s Death With Free Cuba Libres

The death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro had been rumored off and on for years, but this Friday it was confirmed in a televised announcement from his brother, Raúl Castro. That announcement was cause for celebration for the owners of a chain of Cuban restaurants in Miami, who decided to commemorate his death by giving away coffee and booze to their customers. According to Local 10 News, Carlos Gazitua, the chief executive of the Sergio’s Cuban Kitchen & Bar chain of Cuban restaurants, decided to commemorate the death of Fidel Castro by hosting a “Cuba Libre Celebration” on Saturday. Gazitua said he thought many of the Cuban families living in Miami would be full of hope for the future in the wake of Castro’s death. Customers were given free cafecitos, or Cuban coffees, and adults could enjoy a free Cuba Libre cocktail with the purchase of any entrée.



Corona Founder Did Not Make Everyone in His Hometown a Millionaire

The tale of billionaire Antonino Fernández, the Corona brewery founder who died earlier this year with no descendants and left behind enough money to make everybody in his hometown a millionaire, would have been a perfectly heart-warming holiday story, but unfortunately it turns out not to be true at all, despite previous reports to the contrary. Last week, The Daily Mail reported that Fernández had left more than $2 million to every person in his tiny hometown of Cerezales del Condado in Spain. That was not the case: Fernández had 12 siblings and many nieces and nephews, to whom he left around $200 million in all. Several people from the town said that despite not being left anything in Fernández’s will, they were still deeply grateful for all Fernández had done for the town during his lifetime. He paid for the rebuilding of the town’s church and arranged to have running water in every house in the village. Thanks to his patronage, the townspeople say they are much better off than they used to be and the town is more developed than others in the area.



McDonald’s Tests Fried Cheese Curds in Wisconsin

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McDonald’s newest limited-time offering is virtually guaranteed to be a hit in Wisconsin, because it’s one of that state's favorite specialties: deep-fried cheese curds. According to BrandEating, McDonald’s launched its new deep-fried cheese curds in Milwaukee last week, and as of Monday, Nov. 28, the brand-new fried cheese curds will be available in all McDonald’s throughout the state. The limited-time deal was produced in partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and the cheese curds will reportedly be made with local cheese produced in Wisconsin.