The Daily Dish: September 25, 2015

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The Daily Dish 9.25.15

Today on The Daily Dish we discuss the Stewart Parnell peanut butter scandal, Snickers' new, sassy way to address your friend's hunger, how Willie Mae's fried chicken will live on, and more on Drake's decision to open his own eatery.

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Today’s first course?

Peanut Corporation CEO Stewart Parnell Sentenced to 28 Years for Role in Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

Peanut Corporation CEO Stewart Parnell was sentenced to 28 Years for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak that occurred between 2008 and 2009. The outbreak, facilitated by the distribution of peanut butter Parnell and associates knew to be contaminated, resulted in nine deaths and over 700 illnesses. Parnell and his brother faked results to show samples tested negative. He was originally sentenced to life in prison.

Snickers unveiled new candy wrappers that feature spectacularly sassy messages. The wrappers feature adjectives to describe how people feel when they’re hangry. “Snippy,” “Whiny,” “Grouchy,” “Loopy, and “Feisty” are just a few of words you can now call your friends out with by handing them a Snickers.

Willie Mae Seaton, New Orleans Culinary Legend, Dies at 99

New Orleans culinary legend Willie Mae Seaton, passed away. The matriarch behind the legendary New Orleans restaurant Willie Mae’s Scotch House converted it from a beauty parlor into a bar, but when guests smelled her cooking from the house next door, her true calling became clear, a fried chicken restaurant. Willie Mae’s Scotch House still serves fried chicken soon that is the stuff of legend. She was 99.

Rapper Drake Is Opening a Restaurant in His Hometown City Toronto

Rapper Drake may have started from the bottom, but now he’s back in Toronto (in The 6) opening a new restaurant with his woes. The former Degrassi star and Toronto-native is opening Fring’s with chef Susur Lee. Frings are also known as a mixture of French fries and onion rings, but it’s not confirmed yet that they’ll be on the menu.


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