The Daily Dish: Screen Time May Be Increasing Childhood Obesity Rates

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A recent study in The Journal of Pediatrics suggests that excessive screen time may be contributing to an increase in childhood obesity rates. A sampling of children between the ages of 15 and 18 revealed that 20 percent of the participants were on smartphones, tablets, computers, or played video games for more than five hours a day, and eight percent of the participants spent more than five hours a day watching TV. Those who spent more than five hours a day in front of a screen were twice as likely to consume sugar-sweetened beverages, sleep less, and have a lower frequency of physical activity.


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Can This Red Wine Filter Alleviate Your Headaches?

A new device, called Üllo, claims to be the first product on the market that filters sulfites out of red wine in order to alleviate wine-induced headaches. Üllo looks like a giant corkscrew filter that fits over a carafe or glass of glass. As wine is poured through the filter, the sulfites — and nothing else — are extracted like magnets. Sulfites occur naturally in the winemaking process, but estra sulfites, sometimes added as a preservative, are sometimes considered the primary culprit in wine-related headaches — though there is no scientific consensus on a link.  Üllo’s basic purifier retails for $79.99.



This Is What America Ate and Drank in 2016, According to Foursquare

 What were Americans eating in 2016? Foursquare knows. In a report released by the mobile search app, the hottest cuisines of 2016 were Filipino and Mediterranean, based on the largest spikes in restaurant openings.  Americans were also obsessed with rolled ice cream, Frosé (frozen rosé wine), and dim sum. It also seems that pop culture and politics also influenced what we ate. For instance, Beyoncé’s “Formation” single prompted a sales increase for Red Lobster (which gets a shout-out in the song).


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Mr. Peanut Returns in the ‘Irresistibly Planters’ Campaign

Planter’s is trying a new marketing angle. In a new advertising campaign, which debuted on TV Monday, Dec. 26, the brand is now emphasizing the taste of the brand’s products rather than its health and wellness benefits. To create the campaign, Planters and Chicago-based agency Leo Burnett had to tap into a 40-person stop-motion team from House Special, a production firm. It took around 10,000 person-hours over more than two months to create and shoot the commercials.


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GNC Holdings to Premiere Its First Super Bowl Ad in 2017


Vitamin and supplement company GNC will premiere its very first TV ad in company history during Super Bowl LI. The commercial will coincide with a relaunch of the company as One New GNC. All corporate stores located in the United States were closed yesterday, reopening today under the new name, with “improved customer experience and a new business model built around consumer preferences.” According to Bob Moran, GNC's interim CEO, "The decision to make the substantial investment in Super Bowl advertising and promotions reflects our commitment to raise awareness of the One New GNC and invite consumers back into our stores.”