The Daily Dish: Patrón Tequila Debuts a Spiked ‘Margarita’ Pizza

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Patrón Tequila Debuts a Spiked ‘Margarita’ Pizza

In honor of National Margarita Day on Feb. 22, Patrón has released its latest creation: a “margaritaMargherita pizza. The creation, officially called the Platinum “Margarita” Margherita Pizza, is infused with Gran Patrón Platinum and Burdeos tequilas (which go for $200 and $500 a bottle, respectively), but the luxury doesn’t stop there. The pizza is made with layers of glazed lobster and mango, Osetra caviar, black truffles, and avocado. The dish was created by Michael Armstrong, chef at Bodega Negra, a Mexican eatery in New York City’s Dream Downtown Hotel, and it’s available through Feb. 22.


Domino’s Gave Away a One-of-a-Kind 22-Carat Pizza Engagement Ring

Domino’s UK made Valentine’s Day a little more special than usual for one lucky couple with a pizza engagement ring. This one-of-a-kind ring features a gold band and a 22-carat gold pizza slice encrusted with four diamond “pepperoni slices.” Of course, it came in a ring box shaped like a Domino’s pizza carton. The winners were chosen through a drawing, with the results announced on Valentine’s Day. Don’t despair on missing out, though — pizza fanatics anywhere (not just in the UK) can still sign up with Domino’s for their wedding registry.

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This 7-Year-Old Boy Donated 7,000 of His Favorite Food Items to Families in Need

Kaden Newton isn’t your average 7-year-old boy in Rockwall, Texas; he’s a kid with a passion for helping others that has led him to donate 7,000 food items to hungry families in his community. Diana Newton, Kaden’s mom, told WFAA 8 that while on a trip to the Helping Hands food pantry in Rockwell, he noticed children at the pantry were missing out on a few of his favorite treats. "It was not like kid-friendly,” Kaden told WFAA 8. “They didn't have like Chef Boyardee or pancake mix.” After that trip, Kaden and his parents started a non-profit called Mac & Cheese and Pancakes. The organization was advertised on social media and went viral, Kaden and his family received thousands of donations within 10 days.

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New 7UP Taps Sir Mix-a-Lot and 2 Chainz to Update Image

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is turning its attention toward 7UP, with its recently launched campaign called “Mix It UP a Little.” The campaign showcases the carbonated soft drink as a Jack of all trades to be used in baking, cooking, and mixing cocktailsBeverage Daily reported. “We didn’t need to look far to realize that people have been using 7UP as a component of their concoctions for decades,” Kevin Brandvold, director of marketing for 7UP, said in a statement. The campaign includes digital ads from The Richards Group advertising agency featuring Sir Mix-a-Lot making cocktails and baking Bundt cakes, and rapper 2 Chainz sipping white wine spritzers mixed with 7UP on a yacht.


Starbucks Will Soon Start Serving Ice Cream


Starbucks will begin serving ice cream at 100 locations in Orange County, California, to test out their Frappuccino version of the Italian affogato (which means “drowned” in Italian), traditionally a scoop of ice cream anointed with espresso, like a caffeinated sundae. This version will be made with Starbucks' Narino 70 cold brew and chocolate bitters, according to Business Insider. More expensive versions of the affogato will be served at 10 of the upscale Starbucks Roastery bars in Los AngelesBoston, and Washington, DC. The classic affogato is priced at $6, but the more elaborate Cold Brew Malt, which is made with small-lot cold brew, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate bitters, will cost you $8.50.