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The Daily Dish: Olympian Usain Bolt Appointed "CEO" at Maison Mumm

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Olympian Usain Bolt Appointed "CEO" at Maison Mumm

French Champagne company Maison Mumm has appointed Olympian Usain Bolt as its new CEO — Chief Entertainment Officer. The “fastest human ever timed” announced his new title in a brief video on YouTube in which he sabered open a bottle of Mumm Champagne with one of his gold medals, The Drinks Business detailed. “Maison Mumm is about exploring unexpected ways to celebrate with our fans,” César Giron, chairman and CEO of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, said in a statement. “By naming Usain as our Chief Entertainment Officer, we will work closely together to bring unique excitement through daring innovation to celebrations and moments of victory, large and small, around the globe.”



Texas Congressman Rants About Bureaucracy Ruining His Barbecue Ribs Cookout

Which state’s representatives would be most likely to rant on the House floor about the unjustness of barbecue ribs regulations? Why, Texas, of course. Last week, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) made a rambling speech about the misplaced priorities of federal agencies. To illustrate his point, he spoke about the time seven years ago when he was forbidden by federal agencies to cook barbecue ribs on the balcony of his office in Washington, D.C.'s Rayburn Building. Gohmert said that though most members of Congress and major media outlets looked forward to his cooking tradition, the Architect of the Capitol, who oversees government buildings on Capitol Hill, worried that it was a fire hazard. As a solution, Gohmert took it upon himself to borrow the balcony attached to the office of Rep. Fred Upton’s (R-Mich.), which apparently didn’t violate the fire safety code. The Dallas Morning News reported yesterday that House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican Whip Steve Scalise have stepped in to overrule the Architect's ban.


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Yelp’s New Feature Lets You Check in With a Selfie

Yelp has recently launched the app’s newest feature: a “Yelfie.” When users are checking into a business, they can now take a photo of the surrounding area and then the camera will flip to allow the user to take a “Yelfie,” according to a company statement. The “Yelfie” concept was developed during the company’s Hackathon, a two-day event that allows Yelp engineers to work on their own project ideas. The new feature was released to a select number of users for a few months, but was rolled out nationwide for all users last week. The feature is currently available on iPhone and Android devices. 


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Anthony Bourdain Pledges Support to New York City Street Vendors

Anthony Bourdain, chef and TV personality, wants more New York City street vendors and food trucks. The host of No Reservationswho is often seen sampling street food in his shows, recorded a video for the Street Vendor Project in which he says, “There is nothing more vital to a city and a city’s health than good street food and more of it.” Right now, there is a citywide cap on street vendors: 4,235 at one time. But that could soon change. New legislation called the Street Vending Modernization Act would add 600 more vendors to the bustling streets of New York by 2023, giving preference to people who have been on the waiting list for months or years, according to Gothamist. “We applaud the internationally renowned chef and street food enthusiast, Anthony Bourdain for joining us in our call to lift the permit cap and allow for more permits that would legitimize thousands of vendors and create great new jobs,” Sean Basinski, director of the Street Vendor Project, said in a statement.



This Delivery App Lets You Order Food and Help End Childhood Hunger at the Same Time


Sharebite is a year-old food delivery app that launched in New York City and connects hungry customers with food charities. Sharebite’s new partnership with City Harvest donates five meals to a child in need per order. Usually it’s only one meal per order, but the delivery service increased its charitableness just for the holiday season. You can participate in Sharebite’s “million meal mission” by simply ordering from one of 2,000 participating restaurants available on the service’s app, available for iOS and Android or online at Sharebite.com, and ordering anytime throughout the month of December. “We’re utilizing the power of technology to solve this problem without sacrificing the convenience that New Yorkers crave. The average New Yorker could help feed over 300 meals per year to these children facing hunger by simply ordering their takeout on Sharebite,” Mohsin Memon, Sharebite founder and CEO, said in a statement.