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Ravi Bangaroo

The Daily Dish: October 5, 2015

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news

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Today’s first course?

Society may have finally reached the pinnacle of its obsession with reviewing and ranking everything — or so it seems with the advent of a terrifying app being called the “Yelp for people.” If you couldn’t guess what it will do, the idea is that everyone you’ve ever interacted with will be able to rate you, and everything they like or don’t like about you. Peeple is slated to launch in November.

What did the passengers of the Titanic eat the day it sank? The Titanic’s last lunch menu, saved by first-class passenger Abraham Lincoln Salomon, has been sold at auction for $88,000. The menu features light items like consommé and dumplings, and heartier offerings like grilled mutton chops and the guest’s choice of mashed, fried, or baked potatoes.

TV personality and Italian restaurant guru Mario Batali is upset with Pope Francis after hearing the pontiff met Kim Davis (the Kentucky County clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples after the legalization of gay marriage was made official by the Supreme Court). During a demo in New York City Batali said he would potentially be meeting the pope and would want to ask why he would have met with Davis. The Vatican issued a statement saying  the pope’s meeting should not be considered support for her position.

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