The Daily Dish: November 25, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.25.15

Thanksgiving deep-fried turkey Danger, Tim Hortons start closing down without notice, and Nestle on watch for slave labor

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This One Dangerous Thanksgiving Trend Results in Emergency Room Trips Every Year

Ahead of Thanksgiving Day tomorrow comes a reminder from safety experts regarding a dangerous trend that results in trips to the emergency room each year — after folks attempt to deep fry their turkey. While fried turkey is still popular, officials with the National Fire Protection Association say, "Turkey fryers that use cooking oil are not suitable for safe use by even a well-informed and careful consumer.” If you insist on deep frying your turkey for tomorrow, we have some helpful tips on how to do it safely, on The Daily

Tim Hortons Abruptly Closes 21 Locations in New York and Maine

If you’re a fan of fast food chain Tim Hortons, you may not like this next story. Leaders with the restaurant have closed almost two dozen locations in the Northeastern U.S. with, get this, little to no notice. 15 stores were closed in New York, while six stores were closed in Maine. In fact, at least one store closed with such little warning that customers were dining in at the time and were told to leave! Store leaders say the decision to close the locations was related to performance.

Slave Labor Practices in Nestlé’s Seafood Supply Chain Confirmed by Independent Study

Leaders with Nestlé have confirmed suspicions of slave labor practices in its seafood supply chain. Now, instead of waiting for rumors to turn into scandalous facts, the company’s attempting to get in front of the story. It has hired an independent nonprofit research team to investigate claims that fisherman from Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia, who catch the seafood used in Nestlé’s Purina Fancy Feast cat food, have been severely mistreated and are subject to slave-like labor practices. Nestlé has promised to publish the findings of the reports and update their labor practices to make sure workers are treated fairly.



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