The Daily Dish: November 24, 2015

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Cheesy Stuffing Bread Bowls Are the Thanksgiving Side Dish You’ve Been Waiting For
Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, comes possibly one of the best turkey day side dishes known to man: cheesy stuffing bread bowls. Our friends over at Mashable created this new spin on the classic stuffing side, but with even more calories! Here's what you do: Hollow out a small roll and cube the doughy innards into stuffing-like breadcrumbs.Then just toss the breadcrumbs back in along with some butter, cheese, and sausage crumbles. You're welcome and enjoy.

This Is Your Annual Reminder That Turkeys Are Getting Exponentially Fatter
Speaking of Thanksgiving, even though you might be looking forward to that big, juicy bird roasting in the oven, it’s important to remember that turkeys used to be a whole lot skinnier. According to data collected by The Wall Street Journal, the average turkey in 1960 weighed about 17 pounds. Nowadays, most families are buying a 30-pound turkey for Thanksgiving: That’s an 80 percent size increase in just 55 years. According to reports from animal rights organizations like PETA, oversized turkeys can have serious mobility problems, which can make them unable to fly, or in many of the hens’ cases, lay eggs.


Burger King Launches Christmas Cups and Packaging; Your Move, Starbucks
Leaders with Burger King say they're launching a line of Christmas-themed cups and food packaging with mistletoe and reindeer images. But don't expect to see them here in the U.S. — we've learned most of these will be sold primarily in the U.K. Now a Whopper with fries in England will come in bags and containers decorated with snowmen, reindeer, Santa hats, mistletoe, and cheerfully colorful lights. Burger King will also launch a Winter Whopperland Christmas-themed menu to go with the holiday décor, with 11 new holiday-themed menu items that apparently evoke the holiday spirit like the Quattro Cheese Whopper.

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