The Daily Dish: November 19, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.19.15

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Vive La Revolution! Parisians Flock to Cafés and Restaurants in Cultural Defiance of Terrorists

Nearly a week after deadly terrorist attacks killed 129 people in Paris, restaurants, bistros, and cafés in the culinary capital of the world are making one thing clear: They won’t give in to fear. They’re using the slogan: “Everyone to the bistro!” to encourage citizens and tourists alike to drink plentiful Champagne, and prove to extreme jihadists that they will not give in to fear. city restaurant guide Le Fooding has been credited with coining the phrase. The publication vowed "to commemorate the victims of the attacks" and "to support all those working in the restaurant and entertainment industry [who were] targeted by these deadly attacks.”

School Bullies and Their Victims Both Face Greater Risk of Eating Disorders than Peers

While victims of bullying have long been considered at risk for eating disorders, new research indicates that their aggressors are also troubled by body image issues. According to findings done by researchers at Duke University and the University of South Carolina, children who bully their peers are twice as likely to display signs of bulimia — like bingeing and purging — than their peers. The study examined more than 1,400 students and the findings on the bullies themselves surprised researchers, to whom researchers had previously attributed a certain measure of fortitude. School bullies, researchers found, had a prevalence of bulimia symptoms of 30.8 percent, compared to 17.6 percent of their uninvolved peers.

A College Freshman Tells You How to Eat Vegan on a Budget

On a lighter note: The vegan diet is becoming increasingly accessible in the age of Instagram, as social media connects people with a growing network of recipe ideas and tips for living well. Zoe Thompson, a first-year college student, recently wrote a blog post for the Guardian sharing tips on how to maintain a vegan diet within the confines of the college cafeteria. The trick, Thompson found, was to cook for herself. She says it can be extremely cheap, and she depends on certain items, like the sweet potato, more than others. Some of her other tips include stocking up on Uncle Ben’s quick-cooking rice varieties, lentils, root vegetables, and vegetable soups. For more of her tips, check out the story on The Daily Meal.


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