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Michelin Guide Gives Star to Wrong Restaurant

The Bouche à Oreille cafe in Bourges, France, was suddenly swarmed with reporters and gourmets last week, after the Michelin Guide accidentally gave it a star, according to The Telegraph. The Michelin star was actually supposed to go to a much fancier restaurant, also named Bouche à Oreille, in Boutervilliers, near Paris. It was an embarrassing accident for the Michelin Guide, but it definitely shook things up in Bourges. “Suddenly, we were rushed off our feet,” owner Véronique Jacquet said to The Telegraph. “Reporters were coming in and then my son phoned me from Paris, where he lives. He almost died laughing.” The mistake only occurred on the Michelin Guide website, and not in the print edition, but it was enough to cause confusion.

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Pope Tells Everyone to Stop Texting During Meals

Cellphones are an essential part of many people’s lives, but the Pope wants young people to put them away during dinner. According to The Local, on Friday Pope Francis was addressing a young crowd at a university in Rome, when he told them that speaking on the phone during dinner was going to ruin society. "When we're at the table, when we are speaking to others on our telephones, it's the start of war because there is no dialogue," he said. The pope also told the assembled young people that kids today are too casual with their manners and should take more care to be quieter, talk less, and listen more to the people around them.

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20 Percent of Americans Love Margaritas, According to Margarita Day Study

National Margarita Day is Feb. 22, and according to a survey of 1,000 people conducted by, one in five Americans is a self-proclaimed margarita lover. Only 10 percent said they’re not a fan of the cocktail, and 7 percent reported that they have never tried a margarita. As for how Americans take their margaritas, 14 percent prefer them frozen as opposed to 8 percent who like them on the rocks — with the remaining 78 percent claiming that they love margaritas so much, they can’t decide which is better.

Megmilk Snow Brand

Japan Invents Coffee Spread for Toast

Move over avocado and Nutella:  Japan has figured out a way to make it so people can spread coffee directly onto their toast in the morning. According to Rocket News 24, Japan’s Megmilk Snow Brand Company is famous for a cold, milky coffee drink that has been one of the company’s most popular products for 55 years. Now has the company has turned the coffee beverage into a Nutella-like spread. It’s designed to be put on toast, bread, and pastries, and is even reported to be caffeinated.


Customers Have to Pay Extra For Charging Their Phones at This Frustrated Cafe


Have you ever been guilty of buying one small coffee in a café and sitting for a couple of hours to charge your phone? Starbucks may provide free wireless charging stations, but one café in Vienna is fed up with customers using their juice. The Terrassen Cafe is located inside the Hundertwasserhaus, the famously colorful Austrian landmark designed by the late artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and is charging 1 euro (about $1.07 USD) for every customer who charges a phone for more than 15 minutes. "I run a café, not an internet café," owner Galina Pokorny told Reuters. "It’s getting more and more extreme. People come and think everything is accessible and free... You don’t even open your eyes in the morning for free."