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The Daily Dish: May 13, 2016

Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news
The Daily Dish 5.13.16

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Friday, May 13, 2016.

Today's first course?
A shocking new investigative report from Oxfam America, called No Relief, uncovers the horrific working conditions experience by poultry factory workers across America, namely that workers are consistently denied bathroom breaks. It’s not uncommon for workers to endure hour-long waits on bathroom lines or to be forced to wear diapers during their shift. According to OSHA, these actions are illegal, and employers are required by law to comply with strict hygienic rules, including allowing access to bathroom facilities. Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s, Perdue, and Sanderson Farms were all named in the report, although Tyson and Perdue were the only ones to respond. To see what they had to say, just head on over to the Eat/Dine section and click on this story.
Earlier this week, we reported on Budweiser’s temporary name-change to America. Although most would think of the idea as a patriotic move from one of the most American brands out there, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants to take the credit. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Donald Trump was asked if he thought the new Budweiser marketing strategy had anything to do with his “Make America Great Again” slogan. While admittedly a leading question, Trump answered with this quip: “I think so; they’re so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this before the fact,” Trump said in a phone interview. The presidential hopeful has maintained, however, that he is a teetotaler.
Months after national seafood chain Joe’s Crab Shack announced that it would use select locations to test a no-tipping policy, the company’s leadership has decided to reverse the policy in all but four restaurants. The company’s CEO admitted that the tip-less strategy appeared to be disliked by the majority of customers as well as staff. According to customer research conducted by Joe’s Crab Shack, an estimated 60 percent of customers disapproved of the no-tipping policy, partly because it took away the customer’s ability to reward good service, and partly because they did not trust management to pass the profits onto the staff.
That’s today’s Daily Dish, have a great weekend. Stop by Monday for another helping.   
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