The Daily Dish: May 11, 2016

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The Daily Dish 5.11.16

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Today's first course?

A new Chick-fil-A location is opening its first restaurant in Queens, but not everyone seems to be on board. Mayor Bill de Blasio, for one, has made no secret of his opposition to the chain. In an unrelated press conference, he says, “What the ownership of Chick-fil-A has said is wrong.” This refers to statements by a company executive in 2012 that blasted same-sex marriage, and “millions of dollars donated to anti-gay groups.” Though de Blasio says the restaurant has a right to open, he discourages New Yorkers from eating there. 
Burger King has introduced an Oreo Chocolate Shake, for “double the chocolate.” It is a spin on its classic Oreo shake, and is made with vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookie pieces, and chocolate sauce. In comparison, the regular Oreo shake is made with a vanilla sauce instead of a chocolate sauce. Also on the Burger King shake menu is Dr. Pepper, Vanilla, and Strawberry.  
Chipotle accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of misleading the public with its frequent updates of the chain’s food safety problems in 2015 — particularly the outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus that sickened at least 198 people. Part of its troubled performance last year, according to a lawyer for Chipotle, was due to CDC notices to the public about the chain that acted “to create public panic,” and in some cases, made it appear as though E. coli was continuing to spread when it was not. 
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