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The Daily Dish: March 23, 2016

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The Daily Dish 3.23.16

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Amy Schumer Leaves $1,000 Tip for ‘Hamilton’ Bartenders

It seems like the Trainwreck star is still Amy from the block. Amy Schumer and party were at a performance of Hamilton on Saturday, where Schumer left a generous tip of $1,000 for a $77 bill. NYC actress, singer, and bartender Madeline DeJohn posted the receipt on her Instagram, writing, “And then Amy Schumer comes into your work and does something amazing.” Schumer knows what it's like to struggle in the service industry while trying to find success; she was known to tend bars and wait tables in between auditions.

Pom Wonderful’s $77.5 Million Fruit Juice Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola Falls Flat

In less generous news, Pom Wonderful, which alleges Minute Maid’s juice product is misleading to consumers, was denied the $77.5 million in claims. Following less than a day of deliberation, a jury found Coca-Cola not guilty of misleading its customers with its labeling of Minute Maid “Enhanced Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored 100% Juice Blend.” The juice blend from Minute Maid, a division of Coca-Cola, is the subject of a years-long lawsuit brought by Pom Wonderful, in which the plaintiff alleges that the labeling of a “flavored blend of 5 juices” is misleading to customers. Pom has previously brought similar lawsuits against competitors like Ocean Spray and Welch’s, but was unable to prove that these products were misleading to consumers. 

The Chewing Noises You Hate to Hear Are Actually an Important Part of Sticking to Your Diet

The noises we make while eating, known as the “crunch effect,” can serve as a natural way to avoid overeating, according to a new study published in the Food Quality and Preference journal. Researchers found that the louder the chewing noises the less food subjects ate during the study. Participants all ate crunchy foods during the study, like cookies, pita chips, and pretzels. Being engrossed in loud television, or a surround-sound experience at the movies, can also make us less aware of how much we’ve eaten — which explains why a jumbo-sized popcorn can disappear over the course of a two-hour blockbuster. Like it or not chewing noises, which so many of us hate to hear, may actually be an important part of diet control.

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