The Daily Dish: Man Pulls Gun on Barista to Save 75 Cents on Coffee

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The Daily Dish - November 23, 2016

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Wikimedia/Johann Balleis

Man Pulls Gun on Barista to Save 75 Cents on Coffee

Last week, a Georgia man thought he could bully a drive-thru employee into giving him cheaper coffee by threatening the employee with a gun. According to Patch, Ray Hunter Shortridge drove up to the drive-thru window of his local Starbucks and asked for a refill on his coffee. The employee at the speaker told Shortridge that his order would be $2.25, and he could get it at the window. When Shortridge pulled up, he pointed a pistol right at the employee and said, “The price would be $1.50, correct?” The employee didn’t flinch, but calmly told him that the coffee indeed cost $2.25, then asked him to take his finger off the trigger. Shortridge drove away without his coffee or his discount, but the employee got his license plate number and called the police. Shortridge now faces charges of aggravated assault for trying to get 75 cents off the price of a coffee.



Cheetos Is Releasing a Makeup Bronzer and a $20,000 Gold Ring

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who’s notoriously hard to buy for? Look no further than Cheetos’ admittedly bizarre, first-ever luxury holiday gift guide. The online catalog features a deluge of Cheetos-themed wearables like Cheetos bronzer (for achieving that perfect orange, Jersey Shore-like glow), Flamin’ Hot Pants (aka spandex leggings), and the dazzling Eye of the Cheetah 18-karat yellow gold ring, boasting a magnificent 4.7-carat orange sapphire for only $20,000. You can also buy more thrifty items like a Chester Cheetah onesie, and Cheeteau perfume. We would say that this sounds like an early April Fool’s joke but the site looks legitimate, and the checkout actually works. 


Wikimedia/Johann Balleis

U.S-Born Pandas Upset With Food in China

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Three years ago, two baby pandas were born at a zoo in Atlanta. Now the pandas are back in China, where researchers say the cubs are having a difficult transition because they miss American food. Though the pandas were born in the U.S., the babies and their parents belong to China. According to People’s Daily, the cubs were recently returned to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding as per the terms of the original agreement between the zoo and China. Since arriving in Chengdu, however, the panda twins have been very grumpy about having to eat steamed Chinese buns instead of the American crackers to which they’d grown accustomed. They’ve been rejecting apples and bamboo, so the researchers have been trying to mix the pandas’ food with crackers, the way parents try to sneak vegetables into toddlers’ macaroni and cheese. The staff at the breeding center say they should adapt over time.