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The Daily Dish - August 10, 2016

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Madrid Residents Donate Food to Tourists Stuck at Airport

Dozens of passengers recently discovered that their holiday deal was really too good to be true, and now they’ve been stranded for days on end at the airport in Madrid, with no sign of being able to get home any time soon. They’ve been sleeping at the airport for days, waiting for a chance to get on a plane, and several of them say they’ve run out of money to buy food. Madrid residents were moved by the tourists’ plight and dozens of people have reportedly been sending water, sandwiches, and other supplies for the stranded tourists. It’s still unclear when the tourists will be able to leave the airport and get back to Mexico, but at least for now they won’t go hungry.

Rejoice: There Is Now a Baguette Vending Machine

We have pizza, burrito, and cupcake vending machines, so why not baguettes? The latest convenience of carbs comes from a micro bakery called Le Bread Xpress, which has opened several locations in San Francisco that distribute piping-hot, fresh French bread to hungry passers-by. How does it work? The bread is half-baked off site in Burlingame, California, and then the oven inside the vending machine finishes the job, ensuring that all customers receive a fresh piece of bread every time. All you have to do is insert payment, push a few buttons, and — “Oh mon Dieu!” — out pops your bread within 20 seconds or less.

In Latest Gaffe, Chipotle Ordered to Pay $550,000 After Firing Pregnant Woman

Chipotle faces another headache after a judge ruled in favor of a former Chipotle employee who was fired by her manager for being pregnant. Doris Garcia Hernandez was awarded $550,000 in discrimination damages by a U.S. district court for Washington, D.C., according to the Washington Business Journal. The case was initially filed in 2014, but goes back to 2011 when Hernandez first informed her manager at a D.C. Chipotle about her pregnancy. He began restricting her water and bathroom breaks. The manager, referred to only as “David” in the court case, then refused to allow her to leave work early for a pre-natal appointment. When she went to the appointment anyway, she was fired in front of other employees. The Daily Meal has contacted Chipotle for a statement. 

Einstein Bros. to Give Away Free Egg Sandwiches to Fight Child Hunger

You can enjoy a delicious egg sandwich on Aug. 16 while helping out a good cause. Einstein Bros. is kicking off its partnership with No Kid Hungry by offering customers free egg sandwiches with purchase and donating a meal to a child in need for every free sandwich served.  Customers have the choice of one of three varieties of fresh-cracked egg sandwiches: Farmhouse, Chorizo Sunrise, and French Toast Egg.

New Lawsuit Threatens Four Seasons Relocation

A new lawsuit by two Four Seasons business partners threatens Four Seasons owners Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder’s plans for relocation. Plaintiffs Kenneth Walker, a designer, and investor Lawrence Graev claim they “signed a licensing and royalty agreement” with von Bidder and Niccolini in 2012, giving them an 18 percent interest in Four Trees Global. Walker and Graev allege that Niccolini and von Bidder “went behind their backs” when signing the lease for 280 Park Ave. without consulting them. David Boies, the lawyer representing the Four Seasons’ original owners, said, “They put in no money. They contributed no effort. And they don't have any rights.”

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