The Daily Dish: Leaked Emails Reveal Coca-Cola Asked Clinton to Withdraw Soda Tax Support

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The Daily Dish - October 28, 2016

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Leaked Emails Reveal Coca-Cola Asked Clinton to Withdraw Soda Tax Support

WikiLeaks has revealed an angry email exchange between Coca-Cola executives and members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign from April of this year, after she came out in support of Philadelphia’s soda tax, a measure aimed at reducing the popularity of sugary drinks. "Really??? After all we’ve done?" Coca-Cola executive Clyde Tuggle wrote in an April 20 email to Capricia Marshall, Clinton’s campaign associate who was also formerly employed by Coca-Cola. "I hope this has been falsely reported." Coca-Cola has donated more than $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, Vox reported. The soda tax, which is still being heralded as “Hillary-endorsed,” passed in Philadelphia this week in a 13-4 vote. Clinton’s campaign has not officially endorsed the tax, nor has Clinton retracted her initial support.



This Burger King Dressed Up as a McDonald’s for Halloween

Burger King is getting a head start on Halloween by playing one “Whopper” of a prank on McDonald’s. The employees at a Burger King location in Rego Park in Queens, New York, covered both the building and Burger King logo with white sheets and spray-painted “McDonald’s” on it, along with a depiction of the famous golden arches. A sign below the hidden Burger King logo reads, “Boooo. Just kidding! We still flame grill our burgers!” — a not-so-subtle dig at McDonald’s, which famously fries its patties. The whole “ghostly” display is visible from the parkway and has gotten Twitter talking.


Glass Hour

Brooklyn’s ‘Anti-Café’ Charges Customers by the Minute, Not by the Drink

Say goodbye to the days of feeling pressured to purchase a drink every hour you spend in a café. At the Glass Hour café, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, patrons are charged a fixed rate of $6 for the first hour and 10 cents for each additional minute. After four hours ($24), any additional time is free. Marketed as an “anti-café,” Glass Hour provides an alternative to purchasing a co-working membership or sitting in a traditional café. In addition to a relaxing environment, customers have access to free Wi-Fi, coffee, sweets, and board games. 



KFC Invented a Fried Chicken Pizza Called a ‘Chizza’

KFC is always finding new ways to reinvent fried chicken, and the latest bizarre fried chicken mashup from KFC is the “Chizza”: a menu item that’s currently only available in India and the Philippines. The Chizza is a “pizza” with a crust made of flattened-out fried chicken smothered in mozzarella, tomato sauce, and a variety of toppings. Popular additions in the Philippines include pepperoni, peppers, and pineapple. The Chizza makes its debut in Japan on Nov. 1.



José Andrés Stumps for Clinton After Dumping Trump

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Celebrity chef José Andrés has begun campaigning for Hillary Clinton, more than a year after pulling out of a vendor contract with Trump Hotels. According to The Washington Post, Andrés recently introduced Clinton at a rally in Florida, telling the crowd, “Today I could be in a certain hotel in Washington, D.C., opening a restaurant inside. But here I am, not mentioning him, because we won’t mention him until he apologizes to every person he has insulted.” Andrés had originally planned to open a Spanish-American fusion restaurant inside the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., but after Trump made headlines for his disparaging remarks about immigrants, both Andrés and New York-based chef-restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian dropped out of their deals with the hotel. Donald Trump Jr. has sued both chefs for breach of contract, and they, in turn, have counter-sued him.